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Welcome to the age of IOT

We build more state of the art products using advanced technology. Learn more about our innovative iot products.

At Synergen we help our customers design and create products in a more economical and eco friendly way, using the best resources for a better, faster outcome. We love building smart lifestyles, smart homes, smart cities and smart industries. Our expertise will help you connect the gateway of IOT and a better future.

A smart health solution for your heart

This lightweight smart device allows monitoring while on the go. Sciocardio monitors heart activity and transfers information into one accessible spot. It’s the perfect healthcare solution to detect early heart disease, and at the comfort of your own home.

A ring that part of early heart failure detection system which tracks vitals, motion, stroke volume and pulse contour.

An uber smart ring for corporate millennials. Gesto works as a digital assistance and helps track your vitals, fitness, sleep and gesture control throughout the day. The lightweight ring has the ability to control any external device with its inbuilt Bluetooth function.

A healthcare system for diabetes

The smart insole healps monitor and predict diabetic complications in patients. The innovativw insole fits in perfectly inside footwear to make sure it gathers all required data. It is also developed with advanced technology that helps prevent falls.

A remote healthcare platform and tracker for patients

A wearable device that helps caregivers remotely monitor patients’ vitals (Heart rate, Step counting, Fall Detection, Skin Temp). With its secure healthcare platform and easy capture of data, caregivers can track the location of patients inside the facility.